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"I found Yoga at a time when I needed it most. I don't know where I'd be without it."

Atypicalyogini has suffered from anxiety and depression since adolescence and witnessed many others around her suffer from similar and more serious cases. Atypicalyogini recalls a period of her life when she was so overcome with depression and anxiety that going to the local supermarket was a feared and overwhelming experience. She fell behind in school and work and eventually left both.

In effort to heal from the inside out she began her 200hr level 1 Teacher Training in the summer of 2014. Upon completion Atypicalyogini witnessed positive change after change rapidly take place in herself. Today, AtypicalYogini has completed 500+ hrs of Yoga Teacher Training and is not stopping there.




atypical yogini with sampoorna yoga school director, sudhir rishi.

Atypicalyogini now uses Yoga as an outlet to center herself, cope with inner and outer conflicts, and most recently to celebrate life. She continues to strengthen her personal practice along with her teaching practice, taking her on a lifelong journey around the globe. AtypicalYogini has flourished in major cities like New York, Berlin, Malmo, Goa, Malaga, and Marrakech. In each location she delves into the Yoga environment, experiencing its energy and local methodologies first hand. In this way Atypicalyogini has gained comprehensive knowledge on a wide array of Yoga techniques from Bikram to Ashtanga to Restorative Yoga to Yin Yoga. Check Atypicalyogini’s travel page to see where she has previously studied and taught, get a yogini’s guide to travel, and follow her journey.




Above all else, Atypicalyogini aims to help others. She truly believes Yoga can be of aid to anyone and everyone. With yoga and meditation Atypicalyogini guides her students through self analysis without judgement. She creates a space where you are comfortable to be yourself, and feel good about it. “Above all else yoga is a journey of the self. This journey of understanding one’s own self, awakens us to our connection to the universe. Yoga is not about achievement on any level. It is not forcing your body into poses or forcing your breath into a certain method. The goal is to observe, listen, open up, shed the excess, and create new space. Space in your body and space in your mind for the endless possibilities that await you.” Check Atypicalyogini’s schedule pages to see where you can join her for an in person class, an in depth workshop, or book a retreat.